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With several choices of mass storage for your Commodore computer,
making a choice can be difficult.
Just because I like an excuse to use a Raspberry Pi for a project, I chose to try out the Pi1541
Here's a look at the pieces.

A look at the Pi hat

A look at the Raspberry pi in the bottom of the case.

The Pi1541 hat mounted to the Raspberry Pi.

With the case on.

All plugged in and powered up.

Load"*",8 brings up the file browser program.

Arrow keys to navigate through directories and files, press return to select.

And voila, your selected program loads up.

The Home page for the developer of this project is here.

The Pi1541 is available through several sources around the internet, several pre-assembled and kits are available on Ebay.

Overall, I would say this is a good solution for mass storage on a Commodore computer.
It takes a little bit of use to get used to the operation, but it's not a big learning curve.
Simply copy files and disk images to the micro sd card in the 1541 folder and they are able to be used by any Commodore computer that can use a 1541 drive.

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