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Hardware and software

Psytronik Software - Wondering where all the latest commercial game software is, most of it is here.

Protovision - Lots of new hardware and software here.

Retro Innovations - New hardware for your old Commodore.

TFW8b.com - New hardware and software, lots of fun projects.

commodore4ever - Ebay store for commodore4ever.

GGLabs - Commodore and others retro computer hardware

Carlsen Electronics - New Commodore power supplies by Ray Carlsen

C64OS - A new OS to take advantage of new hadware. A great library of new hardware.

Mega65 - A new 8 bit C64 compatible computer project.

Youtube channels

LGR - Lazy Game Reviews - a fun look at retro computing and electronics.

The 8-Bit Guy - Lots of great retro and Commodore hardware and software videos.

commodore4ever - A fairly new channel, owner runs the commodore4ever BBS, builds, tests and repairs hardware.

MsMadLemon - Hardware, software and games, more of an Amiga focus.

Jeri Ellsworth - A huge library of science, technology and engineering how to videos, lots of Commodore related content as well.

Perifractic's Retro Recipes - Lots of repair and restoration of vintage computers, lots of Commodore machines.

RetroManCave - Repair and restoration of vintage computers including lots of Commodore computers.

Jan Beta - Even more great repair and restoration videos.


Chicken Lips Radio - Chicken Lips Radio is “all CBM, all the time!”

Amigos - An audio and a video version of their podcast featuring “All Amiga. All the time!”

Floppy Days - Vintage computer podcast.

Retro Computing Roundtable - Gather 'round a virtual table where today's talk is about yesterday's computers.

Antic - The Atari 8-bit Podcast.

The Coco Crew - A delicious adventure into the world of retrocomputing news and information, featuring the Tandy Color Computer!

TRS-80 Trash Talk - TRS-80 Trash Talk is the podcast about all things TRS-80.

Commodore Computer Clubs

AMUC - Amiga Users Of Calgary

TPUG - Toronto Pet User Group

PSCUG - Puget Sound Commodore User Group

Commodore Computer Club USA - Vancouver, WA - Portland, OR - PDX Commodore Users Group

FCUG - Fresno Commodore User Group

SACC - Sacramento Amiga Computer Club

Other Great Links

The C64 Mini - Official home of the C64 mini.

C= BBS Outpost - Appears to be a pretty complete list of Commodore BBS systems, both dialup and telnet.

Commodore Free - Commodore free magazine.

Loadstar - Loadstar Library

Sceneworld - Sceneworld disk magazine

Retro Computer Scene - News, articles and huge link pages for several old computers.

DLH's Commodore Archive - Scans of magazines, books, manuals, etc.

Lots more coming soon.

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