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Feb 10/19

A few new goodies on the website this weekend. I got a couple more old newsletters scanned and posted on the newletters page.
Thanks to a suggestion by forum user abob, we now have a few podcast sites listed on our links pages.

Feb 6/19

For those that chose to stay home and not brave the polar vortex, you missed a great meeting ! Not to worry though, the March meeting will be a good one as well.

Jan 17/19

We're going to try out some forums on the site. Hopefully to provide a place for our members and friends to talk about thier favorite old hardware and software and maybe show off some thier toys. Join in on the conversations !

A few photos.

Jan 12/19

We started the year with a great meeting. Thanks to everyone who came down to help us start the year off right !

Dec 8/18

Hi everyone ! Just a note of news.
The first Tuesday of January is New Years day, so we are moving the meeting to Tuesday, January 8/2019.

See you there !


Oct 19/18

  The64 mini was introduced to the Canadian market on Oct 9/18. A few days later Canada Post arrived with a new package for Blaine.

If you would like to see more, I'll have it with me at the November 6th meeting. See you there.


Oct 18/18

  Time for a reboot of the website for the CCUG. Most of the site is still under construction, but check back soon and we'll up and running.

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